About us

SADED-Nepal has been founded according to the provision of Organization Registration Act 1977 (Nepal), and registered at the office of the Chief District Officer on January 10, 2011 as non-profit/non-governmental organisation.

Social activists, researchers, senior academic, and grassroots workers are part of this organisation.

SADED continued engaging with those Nepali political and civil society leaders who came to India for their formal and informal visits since the initial years of 2000s. Various organizations working for a larger goal towards deepening democracy globally, such as Lokayan, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Networks Institute for Global Democratization (NIGD), etc., were instrumental for the initial engagements with Nepalese that helped educate Indian people about Nepal’s socio-political situation.

Apart from these core activities, SADED-Nepal has been part of various other activities in Nepal and outside the country through its members and staff. SADED-Nepal was one of the lead organizations to organize series of World Social Forum discourse in Nepal. In fact, Nepal Social Forum Secretariat uses SADED-Nepal’s office and other facilities. Once there was request by Nepal Social Forum comrades, SADED-Nepal decided to provide secretariat service to Nepal Social Forum.

Nepal WSF Secretariat, SADED-Nepal, National Forum for Advocacy-Nepal, Forest Environment Workers Union in Nepal, Transitional Justice Resource Center, Institute of Governance, Institute for Governance and Development, Center for the Social Research and Development and others are working together to organise other various programs if they fits under our thematic. A two-day event titled “From Corporate to Participatory Democracy: Prospects and Challenges in South Asia” is an example which was held in Nepal on November 26, 2014 is one of the example of such which was organised in collaboration of Tax Justice Network, Nepal Center for Contemporary Studies, SADED-India, Dalit Welfare Organisation etc.

On January 5-9, 2015 we had an intense discussion with Prof. Lok Raj Baral, Executive Chairperson of Nepal Center for Contemporary Studies (NCCS) to collaborate with SADED-Nepal in order to continue the publication and dissemination of the Nepali Journal of Contemporary Studies, and he has agreed to publish five issues of journal in collaboration with us.

SADED-Nepal  in collaboration with Nepal WSF Secretariat, National Forum for Advocacy-Nepal, and Forest Environment Workers Union in Nepal has been organizing verious Social Forum  related events and meetings including EXTENSION FMS2015 and 2016.